Welcome to the place that you can work as a professional and as an individual. Be part of a team will value as someone unique that wants to create a better digital life.

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  1. PROGRAMMERS - we desire people that work with us have at least a year of experience in any language with database basic knowledge. 
  2. DESIGNERS - we need more than Adobe Suite expert. we need a person as creative and intuitive to make designs great on looks and functionality.
  3. HARDWARE SUPPORTERS - people that know how to fix a computer in a medium/entry level, know about LAN connections and also how to configure a server with the best programs for the purpose required.

Welcome! To Digital Life! As co-founder of Bryandre Corp. I always thought a place to reunite talented, self-motivated people and make things easier for my clients. - Bryan AndrĂ© Cruz M.

If you Code

If you are beginner/medium/advanced on coding: .NET>SWIFT>Python>Flex>Java and also DBA: Oracle>SQL Server>Mysql. here is your place. 

If you do MobApps

If you know how to make Mobile Apps for Android and iOS using Swift or Pure Java you can put your talent on the work.

If you design multiplatform

If your place is to make good visuals with Adobe Suite and Bootstrap using HTML5, CCS3, PHP, Javascript, Jquery you can be our Picasso on Web.

We value people that applied to our team, that work with us and our clients as equals. You only need to be self-motivated and have the will to keep learning with us to deliver the BEST OF YOU.